Jun 12, 2022

Such a coincidence, today is also a beautiful day, the 12th of June in 2022, lots of number two. There are 22 hours left till I finish my last examination of second year, then the academic year can hopefully end as expected! I will try my best to achieve the score to maintain my ‘cum laude’ status.

I have been careless since I was young, and sometimes I feel lucky to be like that bu sometimes I don’t, especially in love. Because you know, it can hurt or confuse other feeling, and It lead me to the karma in the future :))) I don’t want that tho. For me, the limit of intimacy for close friend could be different from other, so it cause mis-signal to the people. It’s complicated huh :3 deep down inside, I could tell clearly my feeling but when I have alcohol, it just go somewhere wrong. That’s the reason why I don’t drink alcohol recently, as I will change :)) and then next day, I’m normal again. But when I become another version, I might do something out of my control and cause mis-signal, haziiiii.

However, there is always a crystal clear sign for me when I’m going with the person, who have special feelings with me from my pod. I will drink less alcohol as usual. So yeah :3 I will take it into account. Because when I’m being with the person I trust and I know that these people just see me as a normal friend, I will drink freely :))

By the way, at the moment, I don’t really want to commit in a serious relation ship so that the more I don’t want to give any mis-signal to the one I don’t really love.

Let’s focus on the exam :)) read the answer 10 times before I submit, be careful with spelling, word order, phrase, grammar! Fighting Annie.

Love you and love myself

April 22, 2022

Wow, I didn’t notice that I chose a quite nice day to set another goal for me.

For the previous attempt in losing weight, I did lose from 60.6 to 49.8 kilograms. However, after a long Vietnamese New Year traditional holiday, I have been neglected the process and let myself free with food choice. Therefore, my weight at the moment is 55.3kg.

It seems normal until these days, when I realised my body reacts to the current unhealthy food I consumed. I ate chips, chocolate a lot and I kept assuring myself that I’m gonna be alright. Until yesterday, when I looked my reflection on the mirror, and I got insomnia I think I need to change, stricter and more determined this time. And I set a new goal to lose from 55.3 to 46 kilograms.

It has been around four months for the last attempt, and I understand my body more so I think I could work out to achieve the goals.

Will keep you update! And just for clearance of the motivation, I do that for myself as I love to at me in front of the mirror

Love you all.

Feb 18, 2022

Seeing parents are full of happiness and pride on the faces when picking up their kids is so moving. It’s so true that happiness comes from very little and simple things around us, it’s just they’re too tiny too recognise somehow.

Because Phong – sis Chi’s eldest son has chicken pox, and sis Chi could not come home in time to pick up Tim – her youngest son; I gave her a hand. Ah besides, The Netherlands is experiencing its fifth storm this year, so it’s quite windy outside.

I went to the school, stood on the schoolyard to wait for Tim, all people are just normal, they were there talking or looking at their smartphones. However, when the kids were out of class, it changed. All of the parents were so happy, I could even see the sparkling stars in their eyes and the proud vibe is spreading out of the place.

It made me move and miss my parents a lot. I think it’s my privilege to have a chance to stay at sis Chi’s home, to observe and learn from the parent’s perspective in raising their children. Then, I feel more grateful and love my parents sacrifice.

Don’t you?


Jan 6, 2022

Today is a very special day to me, when I realise how important my health is.

Let’s start the story at the beginning, when I was overweight at 60,6kg after a year of eating unconsiously. I thought I ate the right amount but constantly I became fatter and fatter. The truth is revealed when I finally bought a weight scale. After that moment, I decided to have a diet plan. An initial milestone is when I threw all 5 boxes of Haagen Dazs ice-cream, yeah.. I love ice cream a lot.

Yep ~ my losing weight jourbey began. I registered in a gym, I kept track my weight number day by day. It has progress, turned out. Sometimes, I felt tired but I’m still allright. However, when the weather is getting cold in January, the dizziness comes more often and I once almost fainted.

The second special moment truly comes when I decided to try a detox 6 day smoothie diet plan. Yep, the name litterally shows what it is. You just drink different types of smoothie during 6 days, and you will lose 4-6 kilograms. On the 2nd day, I felt tired a bit but it was stil doable. Netherless, on the 3rd day, which was yesterday, I felt like I was getting a stroke, almost. It’s the first time I feel dramatically the vulnareble thread between live and death.

So yeah, today, I decided to stop my diet plan and start to eat mindfully. I do not try to claim that the smoothie plan is completely harmful, it’s just my health condition can not adapt with it. Until now, I get the meaning of listening snd understanding your body when having a diet plan. So you will achive your goal without paying a heavy price.

Love you all.

Nov 19, 2021

I really want to share a recent achievement of myself to you guys, because I’m so happy and I think sharing with you guys can share the positive vibe about the good of people.

So, yesterday I organised a donation event in a building that I study in my university. Everything went well, more than I expected, a lot!!! At first, it’s just a simple idea about I want to share to people in my building about the meaningful project I’m doing. And we also need some fundings for the Red Cross in France and children in desert of Morocco. That’s why I had a motivation to execute the plan.

After a whole day, we were received around 4 crates of clothes, 1 bags of shoes, 1 crate of hygiene products and app 300 euros. Impressed right! It was so niceeee, and the kindness of people multiple my happiness to 3000x. Some of them even said whether we will hold another event like this, it’s motivated a lot, you know.

Such a wonderful day full of loves❤️

Love you all!

Sep 21, 2021

Today is the Mid-autumn festival yayyyyy, I went to my friend’s home to celebrate with them. Our mooncakes are the sweet ones, so we just ate one piece per cake. The important thing is the meaning :3

It’s very long day at school, I received a handy advice from my lecturer about estimating the word count for each articles. So I would know how many words I should write per one, which saves time a lot.

The HAN4L Project has 2 more girls yay, so we have more members to run, I just hope that we can come to the final event, and we can deliver the aids for children in Morocco. That’s the only motivation for me until now.

I made progress in reading the chapters of the Branding book, 3 out of 16 :3 I’ll try to read 1 to half of a chapter per day, so ideally I can know what’s in the book for the writing exam.

I never imagine that I would be so busy like this time haha as I wish.

Good night and love you all.

Sep 20, 2021

Hey guys, I noticed that I stopped writing my diary for half of a month, omg. Time flied so fast, just like the way exam is coming to me in October.

The birthday cake I made for sis Hang is failed outside, because I put less gelatinous, so It doesn’t in a form haizzz. Although It tastes veryyyy delish. I will the cake in another day, definitely.

We just had one class today so lots of people didn’t show up, in my class there were only two students including me. And tomorrow is our final pitching for this class. Yayyyyy.

I tended to not travelling with my friends in the fall holiday, so I will do part time job and earn more money for my daily life. Because I have spent too much in the summer haizzz.

Although we’re doing a digital magazine about balancing out life between work/study and “me” time, I feel it’s a impossible mission :3 haha

Good night and love you all.

Sep 19, 2021

Hello guysss, I’m back

Second year in the University is crazyyyy. We have to make a digital magazine, each person designs a newsletter, and other assignments, learn a thick book. OMG so many things to do, but it’s funnnn, I will try my best to overcome it. Furthermore, my team for this semester is nice unitl now, hope that we can make it and win the pitching.

I’m feeling better after a flu last week, thanks God. My voice is normal and I can breath as usual again. 2 more days are the Mid-autumn festival in Vietnam, sadly that Vietnamese people can celebrate it like every year, because of the covid. However, I believe that the most precious gift will be health for everyone, so that’s my wish.

SIs Hang gave me a mooncake awwww, her family officially moved into live with sis Chi, until she find a new home. I have to admit, she looks a like my mom a lot *cry cry*, It makes me miss my mom and my family in Vietnam,

Hopefully, if there’s no unexpected issues, I can visit my family before I go crazy with my future career. It’s talk to you guys again.

Love you all.

Aug 30, 2021

Yayyyy, my first day of the second year!!!

Before going to school, I went to register the membership at a gym in Arnhem center, bring it on friendsss. I will commit to the goal I made and hopefully I can achieve it before I come back Vietnam.

It’s weird to see lots of students in the school, I’m a little panic to be honest. For the language workshop this year, they have 4 stands of specialities for each country: The Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain. Because it didn’t limit people so me and my friend also paid a visit, grabbed some food haha. And this year is 25th anniversary of school foundation, so we have the free coffee and ice cream as well🥳

Long time no see my friends, and my class has more new comers from other classes. I will try my best to maintain the grades for exchange in the 3rd year.

Wish me luck guys.

Love you all.

Aug 29, 2021

After a long night, we all slept :)) around 3am. Then a sister took Arhem gang to Sai Gin deli, where sells Vietnamese specialities like Pho, Com tam, Banh mi, etc. It took quite long for the food being served, the tastes are better than An An restaurant. Even though the soup of Hu tiu is not savory a lot, but it’s still all right; bonus with Banh xeo awwww.

We tried a brand new bubble tea :))) they’ve just opened for 2 days, the tapioca isn’t cooked well, so a bit hard. But I like the taste of tea I can feel.

When I arrived home, there are lobster and crabs from sis Hang, so dad of sis Hang told me to try :))) my eating life is so lucky :3

Yeah, and I finished my day by watching Bake Squad. They’re sooo talent people, you definitely must watch it. It’s like I have some experiences with making desserts, so I know how indicate and sophisticating these technique, sooo admirable.

Love you all.