Jun 12, 2022

Such a coincidence, today is also a beautiful day, the 12th of June in 2022, lots of number two. There are 22 hours left till I finish my last examination of second year, then the academic year can hopefully end as expected! I will try my best to achieve the score to maintain my ‘cum laude’ status.

I have been careless since I was young, and sometimes I feel lucky to be like that bu sometimes I don’t, especially in love. Because you know, it can hurt or confuse other feeling, and It lead me to the karma in the future :))) I don’t want that tho. For me, the limit of intimacy for close friend could be different from other, so it cause mis-signal to the people. It’s complicated huh :3 deep down inside, I could tell clearly my feeling but when I have alcohol, it just go somewhere wrong. That’s the reason why I don’t drink alcohol recently, as I will change :)) and then next day, I’m normal again. But when I become another version, I might do something out of my control and cause mis-signal, haziiiii.

However, there is always a crystal clear sign for me when I’m going with the person, who have special feelings with me from my pod. I will drink less alcohol as usual. So yeah :3 I will take it into account. Because when I’m being with the person I trust and I know that these people just see me as a normal friend, I will drink freely :))

By the way, at the moment, I don’t really want to commit in a serious relation ship so that the more I don’t want to give any mis-signal to the one I don’t really love.

Let’s focus on the exam :)) read the answer 10 times before I submit, be careful with spelling, word order, phrase, grammar! Fighting Annie.

Love you and love myself

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