April 22, 2022

Wow, I didn’t notice that I chose a quite nice day to set another goal for me.

For the previous attempt in losing weight, I did lose from 60.6 to 49.8 kilograms. However, after a long Vietnamese New Year traditional holiday, I have been neglected the process and let myself free with food choice. Therefore, my weight at the moment is 55.3kg.

It seems normal until these days, when I realised my body reacts to the current unhealthy food I consumed. I ate chips, chocolate a lot and I kept assuring myself that I’m gonna be alright. Until yesterday, when I looked my reflection on the mirror, and I got insomnia I think I need to change, stricter and more determined this time. And I set a new goal to lose from 55.3 to 46 kilograms.

It has been around four months for the last attempt, and I understand my body more so I think I could work out to achieve the goals.

Will keep you update! And just for clearance of the motivation, I do that for myself as I love to at me in front of the mirror

Love you all.

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