Sep 20, 2021

Hey guys, I noticed that I stopped writing my diary for half of a month, omg. Time flied so fast, just like the way exam is coming to me in October.

The birthday cake I made for sis Hang is failed outside, because I put less gelatinous, so It doesn’t in a form haizzz. Although It tastes veryyyy delish. I will the cake in another day, definitely.

We just had one class today so lots of people didn’t show up, in my class there were only two students including me. And tomorrow is our final pitching for this class. Yayyyyy.

I tended to not travelling with my friends in the fall holiday, so I will do part time job and earn more money for my daily life. Because I have spent too much in the summer haizzz.

Although we’re doing a digital magazine about balancing out life between work/study and “me” time, I feel it’s a impossible mission :3 haha

Good night and love you all.

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