Nov 19, 2021

I really want to share a recent achievement of myself to you guys, because I’m so happy and I think sharing with you guys can share the positive vibe about the good of people.

So, yesterday I organised a donation event in a building that I study in my university. Everything went well, more than I expected, a lot!!! At first, it’s just a simple idea about I want to share to people in my building about the meaningful project I’m doing. And we also need some fundings for the Red Cross in France and children in desert of Morocco. That’s why I had a motivation to execute the plan.

After a whole day, we were received around 4 crates of clothes, 1 bags of shoes, 1 crate of hygiene products and app 300 euros. Impressed right! It was so niceeee, and the kindness of people multiple my happiness to 3000x. Some of them even said whether we will hold another event like this, it’s motivated a lot, you know.

Such a wonderful day full of loves❤️

Love you all!

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