About me

It’s Annie or you can call me Que in Vietnamese. I’m a food lover, enthusiastic and proactive girl who is always want to be challenged. Normally, people assume me as a meek and nice girl. But, you don’t see what you see, woman is always secret as she is! So, welcome to Annie’s diary.

The blog is my serious “investment” to have a space to reserve the priceless memory of my 20. It functions as my own diary and maybe sometimes, a friend for me to tell old stories that create “Annie”, an unique version.

I started it with a craziest and hottest ambition and I will keep that fire burn not permanently but wildly and youthfully.

My happy formula: 2F+1C+1L

2F: Family and Friends

They are people that have a big impact on my life.

1C: Accomplished Career

This is what I am striving for during these years!

1L: Believe in Love

It could be cherrish, could be selfish and hurt, but it’s love.

Everyday I wake up, I look at the world with the lens of a child.