Aug 29, 2021

After a long night, we all slept :)) around 3am. Then a sister took Arhem gang to Sai Gin deli, where sells Vietnamese specialities like Pho, Com tam, Banh mi, etc. It took quite long for the food being served, the tastes are better than An An restaurant. Even though the soup of Hu tiu is not savory a lot, but it’s still all right; bonus with Banh xeo awwww.

We tried a brand new bubble tea :))) they’ve just opened for 2 days, the tapioca isn’t cooked well, so a bit hard. But I like the taste of tea I can feel.

When I arrived home, there are lobster and crabs from sis Hang, so dad of sis Hang told me to try :))) my eating life is so lucky :3

Yeah, and I finished my day by watching Bake Squad. They’re sooo talent people, you definitely must watch it. It’s like I have some experiences with making desserts, so I know how indicate and sophisticating these technique, sooo admirable.

Love you all.

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