Jan 6, 2022

Today is a very special day to me, when I realise how important my health is.

Let’s start the story at the beginning, when I was overweight at 60,6kg after a year of eating unconsiously. I thought I ate the right amount but constantly I became fatter and fatter. The truth is revealed when I finally bought a weight scale. After that moment, I decided to have a diet plan. An initial milestone is when I threw all 5 boxes of Haagen Dazs ice-cream, yeah.. I love ice cream a lot.

Yep ~ my losing weight jourbey began. I registered in a gym, I kept track my weight number day by day. It has progress, turned out. Sometimes, I felt tired but I’m still allright. However, when the weather is getting cold in January, the dizziness comes more often and I once almost fainted.

The second special moment truly comes when I decided to try a detox 6 day smoothie diet plan. Yep, the name litterally shows what it is. You just drink different types of smoothie during 6 days, and you will lose 4-6 kilograms. On the 2nd day, I felt tired a bit but it was stil doable. Netherless, on the 3rd day, which was yesterday, I felt like I was getting a stroke, almost. It’s the first time I feel dramatically the vulnareble thread between live and death.

So yeah, today, I decided to stop my diet plan and start to eat mindfully. I do not try to claim that the smoothie plan is completely harmful, it’s just my health condition can not adapt with it. Until now, I get the meaning of listening snd understanding your body when having a diet plan. So you will achive your goal without paying a heavy price.

Love you all.

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