Feb 18, 2022

Seeing parents are full of happiness and pride on the faces when picking up their kids is so moving. It’s so true that happiness comes from very little and simple things around us, it’s just they’re too tiny too recognise somehow.

Because Phong – sis Chi’s eldest son has chicken pox, and sis Chi could not come home in time to pick up Tim – her youngest son; I gave her a hand. Ah besides, The Netherlands is experiencing its fifth storm this year, so it’s quite windy outside.

I went to the school, stood on the schoolyard to wait for Tim, all people are just normal, they were there talking or looking at their smartphones. However, when the kids were out of class, it changed. All of the parents were so happy, I could even see the sparkling stars in their eyes and the proud vibe is spreading out of the place.

It made me move and miss my parents a lot. I think it’s my privilege to have a chance to stay at sis Chi’s home, to observe and learn from the parent’s perspective in raising their children. Then, I feel more grateful and love my parents sacrifice.

Don’t you?


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