Sep 19, 2021

Hello guysss, I’m back

Second year in the University is crazyyyy. We have to make a digital magazine, each person designs a newsletter, and other assignments, learn a thick book. OMG so many things to do, but it’s funnnn, I will try my best to overcome it. Furthermore, my team for this semester is nice unitl now, hope that we can make it and win the pitching.

I’m feeling better after a flu last week, thanks God. My voice is normal and I can breath as usual again. 2 more days are the Mid-autumn festival in Vietnam, sadly that Vietnamese people can celebrate it like every year, because of the covid. However, I believe that the most precious gift will be health for everyone, so that’s my wish.

SIs Hang gave me a mooncake awwww, her family officially moved into live with sis Chi, until she find a new home. I have to admit, she looks a like my mom a lot *cry cry*, It makes me miss my mom and my family in Vietnam,

Hopefully, if there’s no unexpected issues, I can visit my family before I go crazy with my future career. It’s talk to you guys again.

Love you all.

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