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Short stories that paint my youth

When was the last time you cried like a child?

Why I chose this picture, It doesn’t seem like tears or anything relate to the question? I watched All the bright places today, saw Violet cried like a child when knowing Finch -her boyfriend died, as well as listened to a lyric of the song “Too young to burn” in the film that motivated me…

Which genres of music I love to listen?

Normally, when people see me they might guess I’d love to hear songs that have catchy beats, funny and optimistic vibes; perhaps ballad songs, but still the ones that composed in positive rhythms. Actually, I passionate about the broken heart song :3 It ironically sounds strange right? A proactive and energetic girl like me loves…

What’s aiesec meaning to me?

There’s a sister asked me this question on the Q&A of Instagram. Normally, people have some typical words whenever asked about aiesec: professional, international, personal development, etc. Yep, I admitted that You mostly achieved these things when you’re in @. I’ll use @ instead of aiesec in my sharing for short :3 Btw, I say…

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