Sep 21, 2021

Today is the Mid-autumn festival yayyyyy, I went to my friend’s home to celebrate with them. Our mooncakes are the sweet ones, so we just ate one piece per cake. The important thing is the meaning :3

It’s very long day at school, I received a handy advice from my lecturer about estimating the word count for each articles. So I would know how many words I should write per one, which saves time a lot.

The HAN4L Project has 2 more girls yay, so we have more members to run, I just hope that we can come to the final event, and we can deliver the aids for children in Morocco. That’s the only motivation for me until now.

I made progress in reading the chapters of the Branding book, 3 out of 16 :3 I’ll try to read 1 to half of a chapter per day, so ideally I can know what’s in the book for the writing exam.

I never imagine that I would be so busy like this time haha as I wish.

Good night and love you all.

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