Aug 30, 2021

Yayyyy, my first day of the second year!!!

Before going to school, I went to register the membership at a gym in Arnhem center, bring it on friendsss. I will commit to the goal I made and hopefully I can achieve it before I come back Vietnam.

It’s weird to see lots of students in the school, I’m a little panic to be honest. For the language workshop this year, they have 4 stands of specialities for each country: The Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain. Because it didn’t limit people so me and my friend also paid a visit, grabbed some food haha. And this year is 25th anniversary of school foundation, so we have the free coffee and ice cream as well🥳

Long time no see my friends, and my class has more new comers from other classes. I will try my best to maintain the grades for exchange in the 3rd year.

Wish me luck guys.

Love you all.

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