Chocolate ice-cream

Evening, chocolate lovers :3 Today, I’ll share you guys about the recipe to make one of my favourite sweet: chocolate ice-cream😊

It’s darker in reality (sr cause I used the Instagram’s effect)

Time of preparation

30-40 minutes


100 gram Chocolate 70% pure cacao

100 gram Chocolate 54% pure cacao ( you can choose other percentage depending on your taste, but it should have the lower percentage of the 1st one)

150ml whipping cream 35-40% fat

300 gram mascarpone

30-50 gram cacao powder ( don’t be too greedy cause you could choke easily)

3 eggs

125 gram of sugar


Step 1: Melt 100 gram chocolate 70% cacao and 60 gram chocolate 54% cacao together in a bain-marie. Cut the remaining amount of chocolate 54% pure cacao into small pieces.

Step 2: Put 3 eggs and 125 gram sugar to a bowl, continue to use the Bain-maire method ( boil a pot with water then put your bowl above it). Next, use an egg beaten machine to whip the mixture up. If you don’t have one, you can heat the bowl for a while, use a spoon to stir then pour the mixture to a blender. The eggs should turn into a shine yellow color and become thick.

Step 3: Put 300 gram mascarpone into the melted chocolate bowl, mix them together smoothly, then pour the whipped eggs into it.

Step 4: Whip 150ml whipping cream up in 1-2 minutes then put the cacao powder into the cream, mix them gently in order to prevent water separation.

Step 5: Put the whipped cream into a bowl that has chocolate, whipped egg and mascarpone.

Step 6: Mix the chocolate pieces into the mixture and pour them to a box.

Step 7: Use a plastic wrap to cover the box air tightly then wait until (at least 4 hours).

Tips: In order to enjoy the ice-cream perfectly, remember to leave the ice-cream outside about 15 minutes before eating.

Good luck😉

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