Feb 1, 2021

My first day of the second semester ended softly. 9.15am, I woke up to join the kick-off meeting with the representative from HAN. After 5 months, I knew how to estimate the duration for my preparation time :3 It’s quite in time, indeed, but It’s fine, we’re all online now.

This evening, I’ve just read a post on group for Vietnamese living in The Netherlands that the lockdown will be extended 3 more weeks after the Feb 9, 2021. 😭😩It’s sad, despite I know that the authority had better to do that to assure the safety for people and decrease the risk of coronavirus transmission.

Today is a birthday of my cousin so Lan Chi came to my aunt’s home to celebrate. I had a short call with almost my relatives :3 they’re always charm, funny and lovely as usual. At home, I can be seen as the most reserved family member among the cousins. Because I wasn’t born in the same generations so It’s hard for me to find the mutual stories :)) but It doesn’t bother me at all. I love to enjoy the moment I can gather with them and listen to their hilarious stories. You know what, 80% of my family members passionate about singing, in every parties, we’re excited to take a micro and sing together, from the old to the young :3 I’ve just joined the crowd recently, since I shifted to the university, I became more bold :))) dunno why, but my family seems like that version of mine.

Besides, I also had a video call with my gangs in high school, just 4 people including me because our timezones are available. The remaining are in Vietnam so they’re all sleeping I guess. We set a call tomorrow, at 6pm (GMT+7), then the gang can be presented fully! It has been a long time since the last time I saw them, they usually call at the time that I was sleeping or having classes. Let’s see :3 I think we’ll have many updates to tell to others.

I didn’t take any pictures today so I dug some, and I found it :3 a cup of milk tea yayyy. Obviously, It’s from other store not Tea Guys, but It’s still yummy. It’s the first cup of milk tea I drank in The Netherlands, soo satisfied tho :3 after several months. My friend said It’s hard to find that store because It’s a vendor so they don’t sell at a fixed position. The lucky God could give me a favour me of that.

It’s original flavour with cream cheese. This is the first day that my Vietnamese society met each other in Amsterdam. People are all surprised with my love towards food :3 Whenever we finished a food, I would immediately ask to go to another one :)))) In the end of the day, when me friends heard the sentence: I’m full spoken from me, they were glad 😂 and said: finally, you were full :3

Quite lovely when recalling these memories, I believe tomorrow will be a lovely day.

Wait for my diary and we’ll see :3

Good night guys and love you.

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