Feb 2, 2021

I didn’t have classes so I was quite free today. I went to the bank to deposit money, one of my friend rode me by his bike :3 after a trip, we concluded that we should have went by bus instead :))) And I realised how much I’m fond of walking on foot. It drizzled today so the weather were cold then became colder. Although sis Chi asked me why I didn’t put my coat on, before leaving home I said that It was fine. 15 minutes later, I regretted with that decision. Nvm, living is learning so I’m glad that I gained one more previous lesson for myself :3

As I told you yesterday, I would have a group video call with my high-school classmates. It was so nostalgic to see their faces, although we’re apart from each other, some are in Germany, some are in Australia, some are in Vietnam, one is in New Zealand, one is in the US and I’m in the Netherlands.

I set a bunch of various timezone in my phone so I can know when will my friends be available to contact :3 We shared about our current situation, I was jealous with the Vietnamese gang that they can set an appointment to hangout in the Vietnamese Lunar New Year lively.

After coming back home, I started working on the assignment of the Essentials of organization class, then I found out that It needs lots of research and detailed understandings of theory to analyse the company’s case. But I think I can handle it :3 with the support of my “harem” and the internet, hopefully. Actually, the subject of the class is great, It’s cool to practice in forming the habit of doing research, analysing database and synthesising information; It enables you to see a clearer picture of a problem you or the person, who are asking for your advices, is facing.

Beef Bourguignon in another version :3

Anddddd, this is my friend’s attempt. It’s yummy, to be honest, for the 1st trial, and totally perfect for warming in such cold day like this. I even haven’t cooked it yet, It requires some special ingredients to cook perfectly and I’m a bit lazy now so maybe spring break’ll be a good time to try :3

The course of writing an effective essay on Coursera is really helpful for me to outline the roadmap before writing. I’ll spend time on learning the excel course as well.

I think that’s all for today :3

Good night guys and love you.

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