Aug 28, 2021

I had a wonderful trip to Utrecht yayy. This time could be seen as one of the most crowded members bonding of our PR Department, with 16 people.

Meeting each other in Utrecht central, we went to a park to start the day. Before that, everyone stopped by a famous icecream store named Hop&Stork. The icecream is high quality because they’re easy to melt after being out of the freezer; which means there are less ice in the ice cream. And It’s so funny that I bought three scoops of ice cream, so they soonly melted and dropped onto my clothes :))) so clumpsy am I. Even though the staff is a bit surprised when hearing my order, but It can’t stop my passion :3

Then we came to a park, which is devided into seceral circles. It’s quite convenient so people can group the area they seat and not disturb other groups. By the way, we still met an impolite and drunk man, who came to us and kept asking where do we from.

We played 2 truths and 1 lie, which revealed lots of stories of people. Dunno why, but among 3 things, there must be 1 tragedic event like break the bones, be kidnapped, see an accident.

In the evening, we went to An An restaurant. They served mostly Vietnamese dishes, but today the quality and the tastes are not so good. Hence, I didn’t enjoy a lot. Then we arrived one of the member’s home to play drinking game and eat Bun Bo Hue-made by her; so yummyyyy.

It can be seen as the most successful way to end my summer :3

Love you all.

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