Jun 11, 2021

I started to go to work on foot today, my legs are hurt after the booty and legs workout yesterday :)))

My speed of polishing nails is faster yayyyy, I’m training myself with using acrylic powder technique, it’s so hard to control the powder and the brush. I’m thinking of borrowing one plastic hand the powder to my home and sis Chi can guid me more about that. Let’s see.

Mom sent the clothes to me, I intended to choose more, but anyway, at least I will have my t-shirts for summers in next month :))) I will save up my salary from part-time job for the Master degree in the future, as well as buy gifts for my family when I come back Vietnamm. I’m so waiting for that day!

I’ll come home when I have some proud achievements like higher titles in the organisation or prizes in academic competition! It’s good for me to gain more experiences for my career in the future.

I have to be accomplished in study before 30 years old!

Good night and love you all.

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