Jun 12, 2021

I failed a customer in the nail salon today, cry cry. It was the first time to offcially did the foot-pedicure, so I missed something. Lesson learned, I think I improve that in the nex time. I felt so sorry to sis Hang, she counted on me. As a whole, I will take it as a lesson and stand up from the failure.

The rest of the time is for me to train my polish skills. I’m practicing to get used to with the drawing brush, so I can do the artistic on nails besides polish.

I did the straight 1 hour workout with 5 clips of Lilly. And I feel I was so brave when I completed that, my brain was lack of oxygen that ai felt dizzy after the HIT exercises :)) anyway finally I finished it!!!

Yo hoo, I’ll train myself day by day to keep healthy and get fit! Ah and I will continue to get good preparation for the remaining exams.

Fighting Annie!

Good night and love you all.

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