Jun 10, 2021

I stayed at home to revise lessons for the remaining exams, also because I have a meeting in the afternoon, so I don’t go to the nail salon.

In the morning, I found a series of meditation, then I gave myself times to watch them and meditated. I can feel a flow of energy running through my vein, something released and my mind was not heavy anymore. I think It’s true to give myself some silent or “pause” moment, gimme a break to take the energy back. It’s quite fulfilled :3 I also discovered a series fo street food in Asia yoooo, Thailand and Japan would be places at the top of my travel bucket list!!!! I really love the colour, the vibe the creators did, which made the food has a story itself. It’s pity that the Vietnamese chapter didn’t exploit a lot about the unique of my country’s cuisine.

For the team at school, I still think the big issue in the project I’m attending would be misunderstanding, and my leader seemed to talk a lot in the meeting :)) I think I’m gonna give myself more time to get adapt with the team and at least I have to contribute something, like finding 2-3 sponsors for the project. After all argument, we still have one same goal, that is raising funds for the children in Morocco. I will stick to that as a motivation for me in the team.

Fill you days with full of motivations :3

Love you all.

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