May 25, 2021

I joined photography workshop in the afternoon. I sent pictures that I took for the homework after workshop. There’s 1 picture of soot statue from My neighbourhood is Totoro, I was given by a ex-member in the charitable club. People looked excited when seeing the photo :))) like, they perhaps expected something artistic and mature somehow lol. Besides, they were also impressed about a bulb picture in the dark, It just came up my mind a few hours before the workshop, so yeah I’m happy cause people love it.

In the end of the 3rd workshop, we had an assignment to advertise a chocolate bar, I’ll think more about this and submit it before Tuesday next week.

I came home and learnt Spanish words for the exam, called with my brother. We exchanged story about his “dramatic” renting room journey, I asked him about an interesting story I got from Dustin on the go series on Youtube. And I found out an insightful fact about the book translator, there’s a quote that a excellent translator needs to have sensitive ears. Weird huh?!! I also had a same feeling when hearing that at first, but then the speaker explained: besides the hands and vocabulary, the translator needs to sense a beat in a book he or she is translating. Hence, It brings back a melody to attract the readers follow the flow of the story, which makes the translated book doesn’t seem like it was translated. Niceeee

I think It explains a lot why there are so many books that keep my attention till the end page, whereas there are some that I felt so boring when flipping 1-2 chapters. Do you feel that :3 Podcast is great, It teaches a lot interesting things, you should listen them, besides reading books.

Love you all.

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