May 26, 2021

I went to school to do spss for the research, I think I’m gonna change the breakfast tomorrow, which is not brown brean+peanut butter+banana :))) I think I have been eating this combo for more than a month.

Luckily, at the moment I had my seat on the library, It rained like dogs and cats. I spent hours on completing the spss part of research, thankfully that my school computer has the programe, so I just simply go to school and play with it. One more supreme plus for computers that they’re sooo huge. When putting my Mac next to them it’s just like a dwarf by a giant :)))

After finishing almost everything, I came home, worked out and had a dinner. Then hurriedly learning by heart vocabulary of spanish for the go-over test with my brother.

The end of Norwegian Wood isn’t satisfied me at all, maybe it covers many meaning layers that I haven’t discover yet hmm. Anyway, I consider to read it again.

What’s your thought about the book?

Love you all.

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