May 24, 2021

I wore thin pyjamas to sleep so when It turned to night, It was quite cold and I awoke during the sleeping, after trolling for a while, I put 1 more hoodie so I could feel warmer.

Because of that, I slept until 9.30am, woke up slowly and ate breakfast, completed the social performance report of the Career Fair and went to my friend home to borrow a DSRL camera, for the photography workshop tomorrow. It was drizzle all daylight and turned to sunny in the afternoon :))) I watched Girl trip on Netflix today, It evoked a future image of mine that I could be stuck in the situation like the main actress. When I focus to work too much and I lose my marriage, after realising the problem, I find another mate, end happily. But any way, the girl still have a broken marriage before that, It hurts a lot tho. I don’t know, I just had a strong sense about that. Hope that It would aware of it and maintain my life in the future.

Sometimes, you can feel a strong vision about your future via a character in a random movie, don’t you?

Good night and love you all.

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