Apr 3, 2021

I awoke at nearly 5am to find a cup of water, I bet the alcohol make me feel thirsty afterward. Then I went to bed again and slowly felt to the sleep til 9am. I had to go to the nails shop today as well, and it was quite late so I decided to take a bus, not going on foot to make it on time.

When I came, everyone was present cause there was a guest at 9.30am. I started practicing my painting after that sis Hang asked me to do a new nail polish for her yayyy. I had a chance to practice my painting skills, It improved a lot. Here is it, far more better than the first nails I made for sis Chi yay.

In the afternoon, I walked from the nails to home, as I promised to myself; and I found out another street which doesn’t have so many flowers like the previous one I went on Thursday-Noted! I passed by my friend’s home to get Bo kho – a Vietnamese speciality. Thanks to her I can enjoy the nostalgic aroma and I didn’t have to cook for the dinner :3 Workout again after a day off was kinda more challenge for me, I think I will party and drink alcohol less, to keep the shape. I don’t want my effort waste and It’s quite tired to recover after a party day. After next week, I’ll be more strict to myself.

Wish you have a nice weekend.

Good night and love you all.

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