Apr 2, 2021

So, I weren’t tricked on Fool’s Day lucklily :3 I went to the nails shop today, for studying, I think the learning really makes success, I feel more confortable.

Btw, I met 2 girls who studying at HAN, one of them was my customer before, It’s so cool riteeee. We chatted abit avout schools stuffs, there’s one girl who looks like Vietnmaese a lot, I swear; but she is an Indonesian. Anw they’re super kewt. One of the study Communication so I think I can ask her for advices if I’m stucked.

After finishing at the nails, I came to the home of sis Hang to have a big meal with her friends. It was funny and lovely. I jad a chance to try a speciality of the North of Vietnam. It’s strange but delish :3 ah I forgot to tell you I had a big bowl of Bun bo hue in the morning, soo nostalgic :3

I will come back to my normal routine tomorrow, after I cover up 😉.

Good night and love you all.

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