Apr 4, 2021

I instructed sis Chi how to make Khuc Bach sweet gruel :3 It was a great and exciting feeling to show people how to cook. I told you, I love to sharing or talking with people, I’ll try to become a speaker in the future then I can share my experience and help people find ways to lighten up their mind.

After guiding her, I realised that making dessert requires a high patience, precise and meticulousness in every single ingredient. My bro used to say it likes doing chemistry, you have to put the exact amount of portion or you will fail. That’s 100% true.

And I’m still on my way of revising the lessons for English exam on Thursday, as well as prepare for there PR campaign of the incoming event. I bet It’s gonna rush, but me and my team can do it! I believe. I just wish the whole organising team could work more cooperatively then the workflow can be fasten. I think each journey give me a chance to observe and learn, I’ll update with you guys later about the event!

Good night and love you all.

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