Mar 30, 2021

Wow, It’s Tuesday, March 30, lots of “3” for todayyyy. Starting my day lately as usual, I went to the powerpoint of my teacher to revise the grammar for tomorrow’s examination., did some quizzes and I felt more acquainted with the types of questions.

I was introduced a photoshop tool that can edit your picture to the oil painting mode, I’ll show you.

You can go to this link to try : Painting mode instruction clip and download link. Try it, pretty easy and fast!

The weather became hotter outside and colder inside, when it turns to summer. When I went out to throw the paper trash, I thought I was in Vietnam ;))) It’s kinda temperature shock, believe me. Nonetheless, the sky was blue and beautiful. This is the blossom season so I would go around to find some trees to take a picture! Of course It will be after I finish the Spanish exam.

Prepared diner quickly then continuing to study for the test. Wish myself keep calm and luck!

Good night and love you all.

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