Mar 29, 2021

I conpleted my first examination this morning, It went well, let’s focus on the next 2 exams. I will have Spanish this Wednesday and English in the week after. Have more time to refresh my mind and recover English :3

I watched Secrect magic control agency on Netflix, It’s a cartoon for family and children. It’s very kewtttttttt, especially the corgi. You should watch it, for fun and relax :3

After today’s exercise, I think Butty program is the most terrified set of mine. It’s worse than the full body’s one :)))) cause It just focuses on 1 part so It’s more waery. And I just kept encouraging myself: no pain, no gain!!! I really love to go to the Lilly Sabri’s group, It’s quite inspirational when seeing others results, so I remind myself do not give up! Btw, doing these exercises boost my strengths a lot. So, why don’t I just continue :3

That’s all for my day.

Good night and love you all.

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