Mar 31, 2021

I finished my Spanish exam yayyyy, the feeling being relieved is 50%, I still have an English test next week!

It’s also high temperature today, over 20 Celsius degree. My classmates posted stories of going to the beach today, looks so typical European. In contrast, as a tropical country like Vietnam, we usually run away from sunshine because they are so scorching and hot.

Today is my first day of “girl” time, It’s so tired and sleepy. I had never been like this before. Recently, I have experienced various mental status of my body when It comes, It must be because of the weather changing. Last time was having stomache, this time was feeling asleep :))) Let’s see the next month.

I had a long call with one of my best friends in Vietnam. Firstly, the purpose was hearing his story about the strict teacher, then we moved to our student life, intention for career plan bla bla bla. I miss the time we went around Sai Gon to eat 😩. Let’s count down the day I come home. But now, be focused on studying, Annie!

Wish you have a nice weekend😉

Good night and love you all.

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