Mar 25, 2021

I tended to wake up at 7.30am to have more time to study but I couldn’t :)) I actually awaked at 7.19am to go to the bathroom then I decided to turn off the alarm and slept till 8.30am :3

I revised the Spanish vocabulary and grammar for a while before going to the nails shop. I had a progress in painting nails yayyy, finally. But I think It’s a long way to “graduate” to be a nails assistant.

I came home and started the workout of Lilly Sabri. It’s so insaneeeee, my butt is sore and for a moment I can’t feel anything down there😀

Then I prepared dinner meal for myself, didn’t; eat too much because I had already eaten some Chinese food before in the nails shop, as always :3

I’ll revise the list of question for another subject before going to bed, to get myself ready for the examinationnnn.

Good night and love you all.

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