Mar 24, 2021

I learnt the lessons for the creating content exam so I’ll go to the nails shop tomorrow! Ah I’ll go to bed soon today so I can get up early to study Spanish. After finish the workout and everything, I will check my portfolio and submit it on Thursday. Then I can relieve myself a bit.

By the way, I got up at 8am this morning. It might be because my body changed after several days of waking up soon. Yeah ~ It’s fine, I’m kinda coming back to Annie in the beginning of moving here :)) Go to bed before midnight and wake up at 7,30am :3

Today is a pretty sunny and warm day so I gave me a wander to buy some foods, and enjoy the beautiful day as well. It was really nice indeed, the weather should remain this for days, maybe until I finish my examination :3 even better.

During the studying time, I’ll spend some revising the Spanish or creating content lessons, depends on which one’s document is easier to use. But I’ll finish the portfolio and all lessons tomorrow! Fighting Annie.

Good night and love you all.

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