Mar 26, 2021

My friend asked me why can I keep the commitment to write daily diary like this🤔 I said I would like to record my day cause everyday is a special day and everyday has its own story :3

I went to nails shop to study today, my painting is improved yayyyy but I’m afraid I’m gonna forgot the feeling after coming back from the examination week😶 The guests were so crowded after 3pm, thanks God that I decided to eat lunch then I’m conscious to help. It was so too many people that I think we can’t even raise our heads up for a while. Nonetheless, I had chances to touch more hands, perhaps made some faults then improving from it.

At the beginning of the day, I was kinda worried because I realised I missed one thing in the portfolio I submitted yesterday, It could be somehow effect to the final result I believe so. Hence, I sent an email to my teacher, the feeling of waiting for her response we a torture 😩 At around 2.30pm, she answered me, which help me relieve a lot. Now, I can put 100% of my mind to study!

Have just checked the bank account, I only have 17euros left for 4 days of March :3 I can manage it, hopefully! I’m really waiting for the day I can make money from the nails stuff, It’s gonna help a lot in losing the burden for my parent. I’ll try my best!

Now, let’s focus on the exammmm.

Good night and love you all.

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