Feb 13, 2021

All the ponds were frozen today so I had a wonderful day with playing around with my friends. We slided on the small hillock together, I also borrowed a wooden snowboard from 2 different families. It was super fun tho :3

Today, we hold successfully a secret birthday party to one of my friend in the Vietnamese society.

In the evening, my friends cooked Spicy Vietnamese beef noodelf soup. When I was taking a bus to come back to Helix, I slipped myself infront of the bus’s door, Mr. driver told me that I tried to nor laugh :))) I cried inside my soul. Btw, the weather’s today wasn’t too cold but I forgot to wear gloves the my hands turned into red and cold. Anw, back to the dish in the evening, It tasted quite yummy :3

I had a drinking night with my friends so that a reason why I posted my blog quite late today.

Good morning and love you guys.

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