Feb 12, 2021

When calling to my family, I showed my parents the clip that was broadcasted on TV that I’m in, It’s about how students studying abroad celebrate Vietnamese Lunar New Year in the country. My family looks quite excited when seeing me on the clip, with the traditional costume-Ao dai🇻🇳, I feel so proud of wearing it.

I got 3 classes today so I didn’t stay up quite late. After finishing a 1st class, I decided to come home cause I needed to complete the final workout of the program :3 sis Chi asked why I still had energy to join in the class :))) I didn’t drink last night, so :3

On the way to Helix, I met Bunga-my classmate, she lives in 1st floor of the building. She’ve just left from Coop to buy some stamps, she shared that she loved to write letters to people, that’s kewt❤️

I had a cozy dinner with my Helix “family”, which was prepared by the boys, me and “mom” washed dished after that. There’s one dish in a meal reminded me about Caramelized fish sauce (mam kho quet)-a traditional dish of Vietnam, we usually eat it with the rice crust at the bottom of the cooker. Later on, I stayed to play Exploding kitten with them and watched Tao quan show. It’s one of the most favorite show of Vietnamese people on the Lunar New Year Eve. Because of the difference of time zone, we missed a chance to watch it lively, so we saw it on Youtube today.

Me and my friends prepared a secret to welcome our friends who will pay a visit tomorrow. I’ll update about that😉 let’s see.

Good night and love you all.

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