Feb 14, 2021

I had another fantastic snow day with my “family”. We had almost full members of the family so we took lots of picture to capture this moment.

Because of the drinking party yesterday, we drank until 7am of Feb, 14, such a good way to celebrate Valentine’s day with friends. We even saw the dawn was coming up on the sky. Then the girls came back to our room, sleept until midday and got up to prepare for the glutinous rice yayy.

“Mom”-one of my friends woke up very soon to get preparation, in spite of hearing the sounds of cooking, I couldn’t open my, to be honest. It’s sooo sleepy. And after 2 playful days, I felt a bit ache on my body, It might be because of the sliding on the snow hill :)) I overjoyed, but It’s super worthyyyy. I also borrwed another wooden skiboard for my friend to play. But I didn’t have enough energy to slide anymore, so I just cheered up :)))

You can see the Mickey mosue blouse I wore is quite thin, yes it is. I didn’t want to show pictures that I wore the same hoodie so I took it off :)) just for a while. Can not believe my determination for that :333 Then I went home and slept from 7pm to now 9:30am of Feb,15 :)) I’m satisfied :3

Yep, I think that’s all for yesterday, hope you have a lovely (or at least nomarl) Valentine’s day.

Have a nice day and love youu. See you tonight!

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