Feb 3, 2021

Today is another productive day of mine :3 I think I have extra energy when coming back with a usual busy routine.

The presents I ordered for my family were shipped to my home this morning, their customer service is quite good and fast. Although I had an issue in payment process, It might be because of the regional obstacle. The same situation had already happened when I installed the Kaspersky – a security software for Windows (for my old laptop). Because I’m living in the Netherlands so I couldn’t immediately use the code. Indeed, I had to change to IP address code to Vietnamese, my mom’s friend did some magical things in a whole morning to solve it for me.

The today’s workout gave me a chance to experience the “terrific” effect of the destructive combo resistance band&dumbbells. I couldn’t breath after a series of 40-minute exercise. When It came to the end, I felt like I just achieved a huge victory in my “workout” journey :))

In the remaining of the day, I focused on completing some assignment of the class, preparing lesson for my first Spanish class tomorrow and finishing tasks from my company and the VSNL (Vietnamese Student Association of The Netherlands).

When surfing on LinkedIn, I found an interesting quote that I believed I matched my leadership style, It’s from Richard Branson.

Quite true huh ?!

Although I really care about the result but the experience of my members is prioritised. I love to share the knowledge and experiences I attained to people and hope they can spread it as wide as possible. That’s a reason why I love to become a guest speaker in the future, It can satisfy both my hobby-talking and my goal-helping people. According to the subtle art of not giving a f*ck, It’s more motivations when you have a long-term goal, which is hm quite vague and you hardly know whenever you got it but It’ll inspire you, push you day by day and the important point here is you’re still believing and striving.

That’s all :3 thanks for your reading❤️

Good night and love you.

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