Feb 4, 2021

Wow, I was absorbed in Oprah Winfrey’s speech on YouTube about empowerment that I didn’t notice the time. I’ve just found out about some inspirational clips of her the day before and I’m impressed by the way she delivered her thoughts to the audiences. There’s an idea that I love which is when you had put all your efforts into that, and It still failed, learn to surrender. Because there’s another faith is waiting for you!

Speaking of my day, I had my first Spanish class and I think It’s gonna be a sinuous mountain what I must put my double effort to surpass. Maybe I exaggerate it but It’s hard tho, I can tell.

Today is the Kitchen God returns to the heaven day in Vietnam (December 23 in the lunisolar calendar). Traditionally, people will set up a the altar with candles, offerings of food, and flowers, especially carps. It’s Vietnamese people’s conception that the Kitchen God will ride.a carp to come back to the Heaven to meet the Jade Emperor. It’s also a sign that the Lunar New Year is coming, yayyyy🎇.

Next week, the primary students are allowed to go to school but others aren’t. I really miss the time I see my friends at HAN, It’s more convenient to interact with the lecturer as well. Hopefully, the pandemic will be resolved as soon as possible.

By the way, we will face to the snow time in the following days, It’s 50-50 between happy and unhappy when hearing that news.

I’m happy because I can see snow again :3 but the unhappy moment when It turns to super cold weather to me, I’m still no get acquainted to it. Ah~ mom told me to store food before the snow comes. I think I’ll do it tomorrow. When the weather is cold, I’m lazy of going outside, to be honest. And I’ll buy some ingredients to make a dish for sis Chi :3 I’ll decide later, let’s see👌

I think I’m gonna arrange my timetable to have a space for learning Excel skills, and designing :))) I keep falling in love with things that I “hate”, dunno why😭😭😭. Like you both love and hate it in the same time, that’s so annoying tho.

Yeah, that’s all for my day :3

Good night and love you all.

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