Jan 29, 2021

The weather recently was quite windy and cold. It has been two days that I didn’t go out of home, cause It was cold and rainy. Today, when the rain just stopped, I rushly grabbed the laptop I borrowed from HAN and returned it to my university. On the way, the wind kept howling, you can see it in the picture :))) I felt that It could blow my to the Amsterdam so I could buy a cup of milk tea then bring me back to Arnhem :3

I went to the supermarket to buy some stuffs and almost forgot getting the chocolate for making ice-cream :3 There’s still mascarpone left in the fridge so I’ll make one more box, the larger one๐Ÿ˜Š.

This is another typical dish of Vietnamese meal which is known as tofu stuffed with meat and eating with tomato sauce :3 so yummy tho. Sis Chi cooked it, not me :))) I’m too lazy to cook a big dish, especially in the end of the day and after an intensive workout, I usually go for easier and faster choices.

I just found out the Bridgerton series on Netflix is quite great, It reflects the images of woman in the past centuries where marriage is the most and maybe only goal of them. Woman strives for marrying a “perfect” men that could make the whole family proud of. They’re prepared, trained to have a good manner, to become a material wife and bonus with some talents that could make a men fall in love. From the movie’s plots, you can realize many moral messages that the series deliver to the audiences: which are not to drama sells but ethical, in entertaining ways.

I guess tomorrow will be a busy day cause I’m gonna attempt to make a traditional cake of Vietnam which is called rice dumpling cake. They’re made by tapioca flour, the stuff is various from pork, shrimp to even veggies. It’s my first time, hope that I can nail it. I’ll show you the result (or can not ๐Ÿ˜‚). My parents haven’t made it before so I guess I’ll put all the trust in myself and the Internet this time, literally.

Yep:3 I think that’s all for today. See yaa.

Goodnight and love you.

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  1. lulu says:

    more ice cream hehee !


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