Jan 30, 2021

Hi guysss, I’m so excited to share with you guys about the result of the Vietnamese dish. It was uhmm 80% could be seem as success :3 in spite of lack of some green onion.

I had a quick catch up with my boss this morning about the work then (not go to bed) completed the questions of a summit that I’m applying for, hope my profile will be qualified. Weather’s today was super cold to me guys, when opening the door to get the boxes from my friend, I freeze in 5 secs. Before that, sis Chi went upstairs right away and covered her full body by a blanket after coming back from the supermarket. I just thought maybe she was unwell, but It was cold actually🥶.

After watching 5 episodes, I can strongly affirm that Bridgerton is a great great great series that I couldn’t resist my temptation to watch it. It’s also a reason I started today’s diary quite late, it’s so addicted tho :3

I think the most dramatic moment of my day would be making the Vietnamese dish :)))) The process is as easy as pie when watching on tutorial video or on website, but I extremely struggled with it :)) After more than 2 hours, the flour and the cake weren’t mixed properly and It couldn’t turn into a good form It should have had. The floor, the sink, the stove, every single corner of the kitchen was covered with tapioca flour. It was truly a war between me and the flour! And I almost lost unless sis Chi came and helped me😍 she saved the dish then finally we would have complete Vietnamese tapioca dumplings.

It was totally satisfied when I enjoyed the food with fish sauce made by me :3 The next time I made this one would be further, too tired :))) But it would definitely not mess up like this time, I assure! Then I can proudly share it on page My dishes :3

I called mom this afternoon, before cooking, she and Lan Chi – my younger sister were going to the supermarket to buy good, food for the Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Tet). Because of the new emerge cases of covid-19, people are more highly cautious, they all wear masks in public or crowded places. Hope that the disease would soonly solved then everyone can celebrate a union and meaningful Tet together. Stay safe and stay healthy!

Thank you all.

Good night and see ya!

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  1. lulu says:

    xD the cooking was cewt tbh

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