Jan 28, 2021

The alarm woke me up at 8.30am this morning because I had a meeting for “Buddies” project of my university. I’m gonna help the new students who have just arrived The Netherlands to get to know and adapt with the life style here. After the meeting, all students were assigned to different classes, my class kick-off will be held tomorrow so I need to wake up earlier, to get preparation :3 Not too much preparation, I just want to make sure I look conscious in front of the newcomers :)) The meeting lasted half an hour, my eyes just can’t focus onto the screen, they’re nearly closed whenever the teachers paused for a while. Right after the meeting ended, I came back to my bed and slept until 11.30am :)) Sis Chi asked why I had breakfast so late these days? :3

My friend, who lent my his Cousera account said that he figured out the way to study in the courses that disappeared at the end of 2020. Perhaps, Coursera deleted them, maybe a reset for the system and all the courses we enrolled completely gone in “My course” session. But, my friend resolved it, yayyy, but we faced to another problem: I couldn’t share a screen or talk to him in order for him to instruct me. That’s so weirdo, we changed from Messenger, Meet, Hangouts, even Zoom and Zalo. When we almost reached deadlock, I had to call him via my phone and used the front camera to show him my screen. In the end of his day, I texted him again to check what was the problem cause I could use when calling to other friends. Everything turned out that he muted me 🙂 sounds funny, bro. Maybe his laptop has an error and he was too busy at that time to find out. Thankfully, I can learn my previous courses on the platform normally.

I finished 2 chapters of the subtle art of not giving a F*ck book and discovered some sentences that I interestedly inscribed, I’ll share one with you

You can’t win if you don’t play.

The subtle art of not giving a F*ck – Mark Manson

If you weren’t pay any efforts, success wouldn’t come to you. So, behind the glory is the pain, tears and even blood that you dare to put in. Don’t dream of a 6 packs body unless you won’t go to the gym and pay hours in intensive exercises. Don’t dream of becoming a professional designer unless you spend hours practicing with the tools and learning from the seniors. Don’t dream of having a girlfriend/boyfriend unless you ask them out.

I intentionally think of showing this picture to you guys. This is the decorations for Vietnamese Lunar New Year. My mom asked me what should she choose to decorate for her classroom in this occasion. I searched some for her, when looking at these pictures, there was a nostalgia emerged in my head about Tet in Vietnam. Because of the pandemic, I couldn’t come back to my home country, celebrate it online suppose to be the best option now :3 Anw, I still have my great friends here so It definitely awesome I believe. Then, I can tell my parents how different of celebrating this event between here and Vietnam. Actually, this traditional event is from Vietnam so I still go to school as usual on these days, and I even have triple classes, such perfect lucky money. In Vietnam, the young are given a red envelope which known as lucky money after they say the wishes to the adults.

One of my Helix’s friends received his result of a subject while I haven’t heard anything yet, which made me more nervous. Let’s wait until tomorrow, and I’ll see!

The milk tea of Tea Guys is still yummy as it is, I was so excited to drink then I forgot to take a picture :3 that’s one of the sweet moments of my day 😊 What’s your today’s sweet moment?

See ya and good night :3 love youuuu


  1. lulu says:

    glad you like the milk tea T_T
    i’m such a bad shipper


    1. annie572 says:

      Nah :))) it’s as nice as you


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