Jan 19, 2021

I’m really confused, today’s diary is for you. Besides the exam that I did well, there aren’t things that could make me confused, like you, right now. And the list of songs are playing quite suitable, just like, they tell me that I have to say something to you.

It has been a long time that someone could make me hmm seriously think about love. You are so young and your love is precious, innocent as your age. Of course, I can see it, I know it, I appreciate it, but I can’t say anything or have a clear next step at the moment.

At the beginning, I still though It’s just you short-term feeling, you will easily forget it just like the previous people you told in the drinking game :3 But, I received your words today, It’s really really confused me.

You can say I’m selfish, I’m kinda evil ^^ but I had experienced “not so good” memories and lessons in love. I didn’t blame it, but until this moment, I think It’s still the time for me to recover and grow more. Perhaps, I’m a strong and decisive in work but kind blind in love. I don’t want to be hurt or hurt someone. I didn’t lose my believe in love but I think I need more time to be stronger, build the “security” shield for myself. The list of song I’m playing is all about broken-heart songs :))) I start to regretting about that :))

Until now, I feel secure in my own world that I’m standing alone. Although sometimes I feel I’m so little in this big world, but hmmm still not courage to step forward. That’s what I’m thinking in my mind, just tell you so you won’t say that I’m so silent! :3 I’m a basic person, when I actually don’t know, I won’t say :)) It doesn’t I keep secret to you, just don’t know what I should say. Text me if you read it, I know you’re gonna finish the blog when you read until this sentence :3

Another irrelevant song

Good night guys, thanks for reading, love you :3

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