Jan 20, 2021

Today’s diary will be short cause I think I’m gonna revise the lessons for tomorros examination :3

This is the picture that my friends in Amsterdam sent to me to wish me luck in the exam, as well as a picture to troll me that I couldn’t come to Amsterdam to enjoy the milktea today ^^ I’m fine guys, I’ll try that milk tea store next time :3 In spite of that, my little sister bought me a mango cream from Tea Guys – the best milk tea store in the Netherlands in Amsterdam, but she came home quite late so I think I’ll take it after finishing the exam, so exciteddd!

Besides, I tried with the resistance band today, It was so hard guys TT.TT but I think, no pain no gain, so I’ll strive for excellence, go for it Annie!!! It’s worth for the sweat and pain, I’ll be healthier and get fit! That’s my goal for this year. I also bought 2 dumbbells (1kg/object) for the exercise that requires it. I’ll review it later for you guys :3 wait for mee.

Soo, tomorrow is my last examination of this term, I’ll try my best to do that! Because I received another motivation this evening so I’ll make my parents proud of me, made up for their love and sacrifices for me.

In our life, whitelies aren’t harmful cause, perhaps the users just want to make you ensure of something, to have a strong mentality, motivation to keep moving forward. I knew that my family kept a secret from me about my dad’s health condition in the beginning when I went abroad. It kinda hurt to know that truth although I could sense it when I talked with mom or my relatives, but I always assure myself that everything is alright. This evening’s affirmation was just like a hit to me, to realize the great, silent sacrifice that my parents endure in order to help me pursue my dream. When I cried and called my best friend, she asked Am I missing home? It’s not a feeling of homesickness, It’s just my feeling of love, being guilty towards my parents. That’s why I made a promise to myself that I have to be accomplished, to make my parents proud of me, these things somehow can compensate for a small part of their sacrifices for me. I’ll endeavor non-stop to become a person that I want to be in the future! Let’s go for it!

I think I had better come back to review the lessons :)) goodbye guyss

Good night and love you all :3

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