Jan 18, 2021

How was your day?

My Monday spent quite smoothly :3 I learnt the lessons for tomorrow’s exam, hope that everything will be alright. I’ll be carefull, conscious and confident, then I can have the highest concentration level to complete the 2-hour test!

I had scores for English classes today, both assignment and exam scores are good, It paid off for all the time I invest to it. After this subject, I obtained a lesson about not to be subjective and underestimate anything. It’s good for me to have a chance to unlearn and relearn something. Changing the mindset helped me have more focus on studying this subject. I think I’m going to apply it in the future.

Besides, I also received the refund from Dethcalon, I’m totally satisfied with their customer service. In contrast, with Pull&Bear, It’s quite disappointing. Although I reported to them about the issues and we also had a next step in a call that they’re gonna refund me, but I still didn’t receive any update emails from P&B about the issue. I knew that, in this coronavirus situation, the e-commerce is quite busy because the online buying demand of people is rising. It’s double challenging for them to manage work. Nonetheless, I think each customer brings back some values to the brand so they should be taken care of, as your customer!

I did organize events and I could understand the burdens of being an internal, but you can’t manipulate that to hope people can sympathize for your faults everytime. So, if you can’t completely do 10, try to reach 5, express your respectation and your attempt to fix and to grow.

Nevermind, I think my patient level is high so I’ll continue to wait for them.

I was introduced this song, kinda love it :3 although It’s irrelevant to the stories I’m gonna share with you guys below. Butt, I lovee it, so I would like to share it with you guys :3

This evening, I chatted with my ex-member of a charitable club. We recalled our memories with several activities. The photo below is our first trip of the year, a beginning of my crazy and flourish youth.

First trip

Speaking of these friends and juniors, lots of my “first time ever” experienced or caused by these guys. My first time being a leader, a “mom” of a big family like this. My first time coming home at 2.00am. My first time going to the police station. My first time of hangover and completely drunk :3. I’ll spend my free time on writing about this club in “Memories”, telling you guys how wonderful they are and what lessons I learnt from them.

Although, day by day, some of them left, some of them couldn’t keep the enthusiasm that they had in the first they met, their loves for each other still remain. That’s what I love the most. Perhaps, they aren’t professional, well-experienced but they conquered me with all their innocence, carefree and sincerity.

There’s one thing I still felt sorry that I informed them about my “going abroad plan” quite late, 2 weeks before I went. It didn’t give them enough time to prepare, to learn and to get ready to enter the real world without my protection.

They did suffer a lot, but they have grown, I can see that through their stories or when they asked me for advice. It’s used so many times but I always say: No matter how or what, I’m so proud of you, my “children”! Wait for “mom” to come back then we can have another trip together ^^ Hope that we won’t have any “unexpected” crisis :))))) Love you to the moon and back!

Award Night

Thanks guys for listening to my sharing :3 Good night and I love you too.


  1. lulu says:

    thoi thi em thang duong dua nhung ma thua duong tinh ahh


    1. annie572 says:

      kinda addicted song :33

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