Jan 17, 2021

The snow all melted today, It was fun that I called my mom in the midnight so I could show she the snow, the Netherlands’s timezone is later than Vietnam 6 hours, so It’s 6am in Vietnam at that time.

I think I’m quite a lucky person that I live with sis Chi :))) because sometimes I can have a chances to enjoy the delish Vietnamese food from her and her sister as well :3

Vietnamese pyramid rice dumpling

It’s so yummyyyyyyyyyy, totally made up for the mischievous kids that keeps yelling for the whole day. I love kids tho but I’m afraid of their scream. Just tell you :3

This is the last day of the 1st exam week and I’m gonna prepare to take 2 exams later. Actually, It’s on Monday already, but just pretend it was still the day of before that, you’re in Jun 17’s diary of mine :3 I’ll try my best to nail all of them!

Today, I was highly recommended a movie named “About time”, It isn’t rated high score on Netflix and when reading the introduction, I knew It was about something travelling time. I wacthed 1 movie that has the same topic before so I assumed it will be like that. However, I was wrong. It turns out that, the file brings back the tranquil feelling for me, I was totally soaked up enjoying it by myself. The message about how you should perceive you life, how you should appreciate people, objects surrounding you. It’s quite tough that sometimes you have to make a decision, It’s gonna lose somthing, but It will make up for you with something. It’s life. The music, the pace, the scripts, the scences, the actors and other contributing factors have succeeded in giving their viewers a space to think and to cherish life more. You guys should consider to watch it! Btw, thank “you”, for telling me watch this film :3

I think today is just a short update of my Sunday :3 relaxing, studying and sleeping, now :3

Wish me luck :3 I’m gonna busy at the weeken next week so perharps, more things to tell you then!

Good night and love you all❤️

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