Jul 4, 2021

Count down 24hours to my birthday yayyy!

I wrote an appreciation post on LinkedIn about the Career Fair event, which is nice because It gave me a chance to say thank you to people, again. “Thank you” is a term I would love to use in my life, whenever anybody does something for me, I always remember and feel grateful for that :3

I made 2 cakes today, one is Oreo cheesecake and another is a new one: Flan patissier au chocolat or Choco custard tart. The first cake has a greater chance of being successful than the second one :)) I forgot to calculate and transfer the ratio of my cake pan compared to the instruction video, so it doesn’t look good :)) but it tastes yummy.

I will have a Vietnamese meal with my friends after work tomorrow :3 the food is called Bun dau mam tom, it’s one of the most popular food of GenZ in Vietnam. Ah, and I also will spend time on studying the strategy for sponsoring stuff.

Can’s wait to turn in to 21!!!

Good night and love you all.

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