Jul 3, 2021

Work hard and play hard! I polished for 3 foot nails yesterday, oh my back.

After a day, sis Hang invited us to her home to eat seafood yayyyyyy. It’s soooooo yummy, the crabs are full of meat. There are also lots of blood cokies, vegetarian pancakes made by sister of brother Liem. My stomach was fully :3

After that, it drizzled a bit on the way I came home. I finished my day with watching “Me before you” on Netflix. It made me cry not because of the love of 2 main characters but scene when family members of Clark celebrated her birthday. Because I go abroad so I will do it by myself this year, of course I have already held a party last Monday, but it’s not a right date. So yeah :3

There’re something you will miss a lot when you go far from your sweet home.

Love you all.

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