Jun 7, 2021

When I was studying for the Spanish exam, I heard an alert alarm sound, which was very loud and my phone received a message as well. Yeah, and I realised, today is the first Monday of a month. Occasionally, there is a alert like this in The Netherlands when the related authorities rehearse for the security protection I believe :)) at the first time, I was so nervous and I texted my friends about that, I thought there was en earthquake, but no haha.

So, I completed my first exam of this term :3 and still have 3 more written and 1 oral exam, fighting Annie! I was literally off my phone to focus on studying and studying. And it worked tho :)) for me, so yeah I will try my best to make my family proud :3 after finishing, I called my parents immediately, mom picked up my call, we just had a short conversation since it was 10pm in Vietnam. Yeah I called to hear the sentence I love you from mom and dad, big motivation after a long day🥰

Ah btw, speaking of my country – Vietnam, in the qualifier of World Cup, when Vietnamese team is against Indonesian team, we scored 4-0. So proud of my people! Although I’m not a big fan of football but I’m a patriotic person, so I feel happy for my country! Let’s celebrate with 2 boxes of Ben&Jerry ice-cream I bought this evening :))

Good night and love you all.

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