Jun 8, 2021

It’s not nearly an end of the date but I would like to start the diary, cause the rest of the time is definitely for revising lessons for tomorrow’s test.

I had an insomnia yesterday which made me lately felt into the sleep, even though I went to bed very late, at around 2am. It might be because my mind is stressed these days for remembering the vocabulary, grammars for the exams. No pain no gain! After tomorrow, I just have 2 more written exams, one of them is mostly using the common sense to solve cases, other allows students bringing documentary. So It will lessen the pressure, hope so.

I called my family and I had a nice time to gossip with my younger sisters about the unpleasant events happened to me :)) so relieve. And I realised I’m not as meek as my family assumed :))) It’s just I don’t want to hurt people, who I care about.

When finishing the call, Mom posed “a flower” gesture to me :)) so kewt haha, it’s too fast to capture the moment so I just can shared via words :3 will keep it in my heart.

Mom and dad are becoming “teen” and more open-minded :3 yay. I love my parents’ version moreee.

Good night and love you all.

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