Jun 5, 2021

Ohhh, this day next month will be the day I turn to 21 yayyyyyyyy, and eight more days is my younger sister’s birthday too. We are both born in summer so I guess there is a behind reason why our characteristics are all a bit hot :))

Today, I worked at nail salon, and I had a chance to polish nails on one customer’s foot yay :3 sis Hang cooked stewed fish dish, which is one of the traditional family meal in Vietnam. She also cooked steamed momordica glutinous rice ahhh so nostalgic. I missed that tasty. I strongly believe besides having a well-experienced workmanship in nails, she and her husband can be successful in cuisine as well.

I will focus on completing on exams as good as possible then I will practice my skills in nails to support and don’t let the teaching efforts of sis Hang and bro Liem waste!

Good night and love you all.

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