Jun 4, 2021

A busy pre-exam day, I tried to cover all Spanish vocabulary for the Monday exam, practiced oral test as well.

I can see abs on my belly yayyyyyyy. Finally, my effort is paid off with some results, It is a big motivation for me to try harder everyday!

Today, my mom made Vietnamese pancake for the family, it looks so yummyyy. Yesterday, me and my brother had just talked about this food and today my mom did it, jinx :3

Besides studying, I have a evaluation meeting with the organising team of Career fair to assess and give feedback. We all frankly said the good and improved points of the project, I really like that enthusiasm. Thanks to that, we can do better in the next events.

That’s good news, bad news is I’m still struggling a bit with another project. Everybody has our own perspective and that leads to the misunderstanding, a lot. Haiz, I’ll do my best, just hope It won’t affect to the goal, cause in the beginning, I join the project with the purpose of helping children in the remote area, that’s it.

Good night and love you all.

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